Alice isn’t the first beauty journalist to make commercial use of her years of experience in the business. Beauty writers simply absorb so much information and see so many products that it’s almost a hazard of the job to start thinking, ‘hmm, I could do this!’. The number of times in my head I’ve created a nail polish range…! The difference is, of course, that your whole reputation and your credibility stands or falls by whatever you do produce. Probably one of the biggest successes in this area has been ex Vogue beauty director, Kathy Philips, whose This Works range simply sells and sells because it has withstood even the most bitter scrutiny.

I’m happy to say that Alice’s range, Good Things, is also going to stand up to close inspection. The range is aimed at young skin; teenagers and young women, who don’t need anti-ageing per se but do need good, ethical skin care that nourishes and nurtures their complexions. Making use of highly antioxidant superfruits, and banishing parabens, petro-chemicals, mineral oils and any animal testing, means that Good Things targets hydration and skin health without a dose of unnecessary chemicals; young skin never needs those, right?

Teenagers generally have better things to think about than cleansing, toning, exfoliating, brushing, squeezing and scrubbing, so the range is mercifully edited into carefully targeted products, including Total Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes. Usually, I advise that nobody touches a wipe unless its to clean out your bath, not get the make up off your face. Even though my complexion is so far away from its teen years that I daren’t confess, I gave the wipes a try and loved them, and they did seem to remove every spot of grime. I also tried the Good Clean Fun Freshening Polish – also lovely; gentle and effective and left my skin ultra smooth. I couldn’t get excited about the eye cream however – I’m not a big believer that the eye area needs anything other than regular moisture. Everything else, though? Absolutely.

So while I go back to the stuff my skin needs (polyfiller and a gravel exfoliant?), I’d easily recommend this range for lil sisters on their first rung of the skin care ladder.

It’s launch day today (in Boots) for Good Things with prices starting at £3.49.

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