Generally, I am mighty sceptical about collagen supplements, but these Gold Collagen drinks are selling at a rate of knots at Boots. Rumour has it that 20,000 bottles were sold last week, and sales are increasing at the rate of 50% per week which, if you do your maths, starts to add up to a lot of liquid collagen! 

I’ve had a taste.. I have ten bottles here.. they’re fine.. a bit orangey but perfectly alright. The claim is that skin can act as a barrier to the absorption of collagen so by taking it internally you let it get to where it needs to be. Gold Collagen contains hydrolysed collagen extracted from fish (so not veggie-friendly) which is rich in amino acids, easily absorbed by the body. Taking Gold Collagen apparently stimulates your own collagen back into action.

So, we will see. Boots have it exclusively and it is selling out pretty consistently every time a new batch arrives. It’s pretty pricy at £35.99 for ten bottles, and you need to take four to eight week’s worth to see any results but I’m just going to take my ten and then see if I want to continue on to the month. 

If anything at all is convincing me there is something in this, it is the fact that Japan is mad for collagen drinks right now with no signs of it being a passing fad. 

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