When industry giants, L’Oreal, decided they could trample over the little guys, they met more than their match in Bryan Meehan, who founded Nude Skincare with Ali Hewson. L’Oreal – owners of YSL Beaute, of which the Stella McCartney beauty brand forms a part – insisted that they were going to release Stella’s new fragrance with the name StellaNude. Bryan and Ali objected as this was a direct infringement of the Nude (Skincare) trademark. Now it seems that a judge agrees with Bryan and Ali by giving the go-ahead for a trial to take place next year.

Now, I can’t help thinking that a huge corporation like L’Oreal ought to have a creative team that is actually creative enough to find a name for a prestigious Stella McCartney fragrance that isn’t already taken by someone else. Is that not just like, uh, a creative basic? There are so many other words that mean nude or thereabouts: bare, undressed, revealed, naked…to name but a few (L’Oreal, if you’re loving these options, please feel free to call…), that it is verging on ridiculous that there really wasn’t another – possibly even better – name on the table.

Ironically, Stella McCartney is a devout lover of all things green and eco…..Bryan Meehan’s other business is organic & natural stores, Fresh & Wild.

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