I’ve got to confess that I am totally smitten by Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks all wrapped in leather and stud casings. They’re truly sexy looking things and if you love leather AND you love lipstick, it’s make-up heaven.

Firstly, the lipsticks casings are covered in real leather – not that it makes any difference really unless you have an animal by-product issue, but that’s the fact.

When I posted a while back about Clarins Rouge Eclat lipsticks having a ‘blackberry’ flavour, I hadn’t realised that it was the start of a trend. Givenchy Le Rouge also has a mimosa and blackberry fragrance but it is very subtle indeed. Expect to see blackberry horribly misinterpreted into all kinds of high street make-up.

As you can see, Givenchy Le Rouge is very high on pigment – this is one slick of each shade that I have here.. no going over the colours..this is exactly as they come out.

The line-up above, from the bottom to the top is: Coral Decolette, Rose Tafettas, Fuchsia Irrisistible, Grenat Initie, Brun Cashemire, Beige Mouselline. The range of twelve shades is split into colour categories; Les Creations are the vivd pink/red hues, Les Roses encompass the more neutral-to-pink and Les Naturels; a selection of beige/neutrals. 

These launch in February 2013 and they’re £24 each – steep for a lipstick, even from a luxury brand. However, I do think they’ll be next year’s most covetable.

Givenchy Le Rouge (you have to wonder why lipstick has a ‘masculine’ prefix in the French language) launches

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