If you’re a regular reader of BBB you’ll know that I’ve finally found a supplement programme that I’ve stuck with, courtesy of an Imedeen trial last summer – I’m still taking it. I was so sceptical about supplements, but now I’m more of a convert and definitely eyeing up the range of Fountain Beauty Supplements. I had a sneaky peek at some of these a while ago and can immediately give you the warning to dilute the green one otherwise you’ll end up with a green tongue. But, it’s the one I’m most keen to try and I think it’s the stand-out of the line-up. It’s The Supergreen Molecule – one daily does is equivalent to six bowls of dark green leaves. Erm, I’m in!

I do like veggies and certain salads, but I’m not a leaf kinda person – I just find them quite hard to eat so six bowls is totally unattainable for me. Short of boiling up spinach every day, I can’t see how you’d get this level of vitamins in another format. But, just don’t have it neat! I’m also chasing the Energy Molecule (orange bottle) which sounds like a bit of a rocket with Ginseng, coffee bean and Creatine; who doesn’t want more energy?

I know that some of these have appeared at Boots, but this selection is an exclusive for Selfridges and includes The Happy Molecule, The Phyto Collagen Molecule and The Hair Molecule. Behind the Fountain brand is Deciem, responsible for two of my favourite ever products; Hand Chemistry and Hyaluronic Hand Chemisty Concentrate (nearly down to the last pump of that one). Prices start at around £23 from 15th May.

Genuinely, my issue is which one to take because I can’t need all of them, can I? Or can I? They all sound rather tempting (I have tried The Hyaluronic Molecule and it was a bit like drinking aniseed glue) and a) because I’m a supplement convert and b) because I love the Deciem brand and their innovative formulas, I feel these are definitely worth a try.

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