To be honest, this is about as unglamorous as beauty gets, but for feet prettier than you’ve ever had before, it really does work. I had to try it on Mr BBB as I don’t really have enough dry skin to warrant a major exfoliation, but without over-sharing, his are perfect candidates.

You wear the (unattractive) socks for an hour, then wash off the residue. Then absolutely nothing happens. About five days later, you start shedding skin like a snake (I’d advise socks in bed so your bed isn’t full of flakes of skin) as a major peel begins. Mr BBB had a lot of dry and hard skin, and so the peel was dramatic, but it’s slowly stopping now and revealing a pair of completely different feet! Almost all of the hard skin has gone around the sole of the heel, and everywhere else is completely free of dry skin. I think it will only take a bit of filing and moisturising to make them perfect.

I can do nothing but highly recommend this treatment if your feet have got a bit gnarly – it should definitely be in a pre-holiday beauty regime. Ten out of ten. I should warn this contains lactic and other acids and enzymes so if you have very sensitive skin, I’d avoid.

Footner is £19.99 at Boots. 

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