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Face B4

It’s a funny thing, but I’ve been looking at Face B4 Antibacterial Face Wash & Serum in my own side-bar for a couple of weeks now and have only just googled around for reviews. Of course I have all the information and releases, but when it’s something I can’t test myself, I head off around the interwebs to see what everyone else is saying – a press release can make anything sound amazing!

Face B4 Antibacterial Face Wash & Serum is definitely having a moment on the internet – the reviews that I’ve found are so positive that some are calling it an HG product (holy grail) and that’s a high accolade. Ideally, you need to use both the face wash and the serum together. The anti-bac face wash contains spots worst enemy, salicylic acid and a biocidal complex (from researching, this seems to be the anti-bacterial element. Basically, if you can greatly reduce bacteria then you can make inroads on the spots. And, everyone, but everyone, has bacteria on their faces (my face was tested at the Boots Lab and they didn’t even want to tell me the result it was so bad!) so having bacteria there doesn’t mean you’re dirty; it’s a normal thing that you pick up from the environment and hand to face contact.

The Anti-Bacterial Serum also fights bacteria and it’s the second stage of the regime – although if you can only opt for one, head for the wash. The serum contains vitamin extracts to soothe and moisturise and also calm any redness. I liked this review HERE because there are before and after pictures and this review HERE for it’s thoroughness. There are one or two reviews saying they hadn’t noticed much difference, but overall, everything seems pretty positive. Oh, and obviously, it can be used by men or women. The products both have a third off at Boots making the Cleansing Foam £9.97 (HERE) and the serum has sold out, which tells you something! I am sure there will be more stock in a couple of days.


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