Dr Salts
Dr Salts

I love bath stuff – I can’t even imagine having a bath in plain old water any more! But, you can pay anything from £CRAZY to £CHEAP and when you find the latter that feels like the former, then it’s an instant win.

Bath salts are relegated to the ‘old-fashioned’ corner of the chemists, but I love some decent salts – not the old, highly perfumed, turn your bath pink type, but proper salts that ease and soothe achy muscles and make you feel as though you’re doing something good for yourself.

So, Dr Salts is a bit of a find (although the name makes me think of that old Eastenders doctor… !) – this variant, with rose, is a curious blend of rose and salt but if you imagine it as a new variant from Jo Malone – Sea Breeze & Rock Rose or similar (hey, don’t steal that JM!) it puts you more in the mood of the thing. Dr Salts is made from 100% Dead Sea salts which contains the highest concentration of minerals in the world (apparently), mixed up with aromatherapy essential oils – in this case, rose, but there are many variants.

One of the reasons that people use salts to ease achy muscles is that they contain bromides, but you’ll also find magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, idonine and chlorine. I have to say though, I didn’t think that you can absorb salts via the skin, but you’re either a believer or or you aren’t when it comes to these. All I can say from personal experience is that it is a better bath with them than without and I do find a mineral salt bath highly soothing.

At £7 for huge bag, Dr Salts is available in Waitrose and Sainsburys – kind of perfect placement really, when you think of all the heavy lifting and bending that the weekly shop involves. It’s a big recommend from me.


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