Dr Jart Shake & Shot Rubber Mask

Eeh, I thought this was so fun til I saw the lid *insert horror movie scream*. This face looked kind of cool and edgy on the packets of the Dr Jart Rubber Masks but I am not so sure about having the same image in 3D. I’d love to know whose face it is or if it’s just computer generated – like, was it modelled on anyone to start with? We may never know.

Dr Jart Shake & Shot Rubber Mask

Ok, so inside the tub you get two sachets. One contains a white cream that you empty into the shake pot. It’s weird because it feels powdery and oily at the same time. The second sachet contains a much more runny liquid that you add to the cream and then shake like crazy until it becomes a thick texture. You then apply it to your face with the yellow spatula. Once applied, wait a few minutes for it to go rubbery. The genius of this mask is that not only does it give massive hydration (admittedly with a lot of faff, sorry, fun) but also a little exfoliation so your complexion feels incredibly silky. There’s not a huge amount of information other than amino acids and B5 as things that will benefit your skin but I’ve never known this brand not deliver. Dr Jart is one of the few brands that say you need to leave their masks on for a good 15-20 minutes for them to do their job properly. I know we’re all used to speed and instant results but it’s definitely worth heeding their advice and not skimping on time. It’s also the case that the ‘rubber’ kind of seals over the skin so moisture is more locked in.

Dr Jart Shake & Shot

I’ve just checked the US sites and they have a bit of the spatula coming out of the mouth like a straw. I think we need to know when we’re well off! I found it easy to take off once it had set – it doesn’t quite come off in one but the remaining bits are so easy to remove and my skin felt soft and hydrated which was in line with expectations. They’re £8 HERE – really fun and worth the exploration.


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