[unpaid/sample] I reviewed this product back in 2021 and since then it’s had a much needed revamp both in packaging and in formula. The original came as 30ml and with a light (but on me, undetectable) tint and was very thin in texture. I would say the new version is a very far cry from that and so significantly better it’s not recognisable. Gone is the tint, the texture is as near to perfect as you can get for SPF50. At the moment my daily use is Malin + Goetz SPF30 (get it before it sells out for the second time because stock is reducing by the day HERE) but if SPF50 is a deal breaker for you, aside from the price, there is nothing but good about Dr David Jack All Day Long.

Dr David Jack All Day Long Review

At £95 it’s beyond what I’d usually pay for any product but accepting it’s for a luxury market and there certainly are people quite happy to pay this and more for their skin care, I think it’s delivering over and above. It doesn’t feel like an SPF50 on the skin but I know it’s more than 30 by the feel and the work-in. You do need to massage this over your complexion carefully but once you’ve done that, there’s no chalkiness or casting and it has sat without problem under both Chanel Water Tint and L’Oreal True Match foundations. It’s not a hot day so I don’t know if there will be the ‘sweat’ but my instinct tells me not. What I like very much is that it is your SPF and moisturiser in one. Ingredients include Niacinamide (noted for fading dark marks), carrot oil (protects against device lights), Glutathione (highly effective antioxidant), Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.

Dr David Jack All Day Long Review

I have only lightly tested the Advanced Antioxidant Serum which, in combination with All Day Long, will make inroads into pigmentation with 10% Vitamin C and Copper Gluconate – let it dry before applying the moisturiser. It’s £89. I think if you have pigmentation that bothers you, this is a worthwhile investment because it has all the potential to diminish marks noticeably. However, as we all know, results driven skin care takes time – you might well be on your second bottle before you see any meaningful change. Dr David Jack is a medical doctor specialising in aesthetic treatments in London. and you can find his product range HERE.

While I’m on the topic of treatments, my Morpheus 8 update is over-due I know, but so far the results haven’t been as encouraging as I’d hoped. There was a short period of time where everything looked improved but it lasted perhaps 3 weeks before going more or less back to where I started. It’s very unusual for this to happen and the clinic is very much looking into what the reasons could be. I’ve refused a third treatment on the grounds that it would then take almost as long to create an effect as the effect is supposed to last. When I know more, I will do a full post.

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