There is an excellent feature in the New York Times today HERE  about how bloggers are bringing new life into old products. Prior to blogs, other than sending a written letter out into the blue of a large corporation, there wasn’t really any other way to communicate just how much we miss certain items. Now, social media savvy brands are finally getting the message that some products, we don’t want to live without, and that board meeting decision to give it the heave ho was quite wrong.

So far, brands such as Lancome, Pentene and Bobbi Brown have brought back past and much missed products. While they might not find a place on the shelves again, the brands are utilizing social media and giving bereft customers the opportunity to buy their favourites on line instead. I’ve always been a little cynical about ‘back by demand’ items.. like, er, really? But it seems in some cases it isn’t just marketing spin.

What’s interesting most of all is just how well brands are starting to listen to the on-line voice. Charles Denton, who bought fabulous luxury beauty line Erno Lazlo last year, shaved the range from 127 to 60 products, but ended up keeping two products destined for discontinuation because he was getting in excess of 200 emails a day from customers worried that he was going to get rid of something they didn’t want to do without. 

So, the message here for brands is that it isn’t just the blog posts you need to read, it is the comments as well, because hidden inside every beauty blog is the most comprehensive feedback any brand could ever ask for. A blog isn’t just one voice, it is the voice of many. The message for bloggers and blog readers is that your comments really do count. 

I’m interested to know if there are any discontinued items you’d like to see back?

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