I know from my recent Japan purchases (Of Cosmetics Rose Shampoo and Conditioner) that rosy smelling hair is a thing of absolute delight. I don’t know why it’s not a more popular shampoo fragrance to be honest, especially if it’s a fresh, green noted rose that’s light and clean smelling. Unless I go back to Japan my days are numbered on that but only to a point because lo and behold, as if mind reading, Diptyque comes along with this beautifully packaged Eau Rose hair mist.

Eau Rose Hair Mist

Diptyque Rose has a gently sweet rosy element to it – it’s not crisp, but a bit warmer and softer than a sharp, green rose note – it reminds me of the Ouai Rose Hair Oil actually. It’s got all the clean elements that I like and I love the entire decadent notion of a hair mist. Mists still remain a bit of a niche thing in beauty – I’m not sure why because it’s such a nice thing to do and has the advantage of not ‘twisting’ on the skin – it’s likely if you use a mist it will smell the same as it does in the bottle when it’s on your hair and not transform into some Frankenversion thanks to body chemistry.  If you wonder what the difference is between spritzing regular fragrance in your hair and using a hair mist, the answer is oils. Mists tend to counteract the alcohol with a nourishing oil so that it doesn’t dry your hair. I mean, you absolutely can spritz your regular perfume into the air and do a walk through and as long as you’re not dousing your hair every day, no real harm will come. Diptyque uses camellia oil and also suggests that you should do a cold rinse after washing your hair so that the capillaries shrink and the fragrance lasts longer. I suggest that there’s nothing worth an icy after rinse in January thanks very much and given the entire concept is based on decadence just save yourself the chilly head and spray more when needed.

A quick note about the packaging: It’s a middle eastern version of Toile de Jouy in lavender blue

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