Decleor Harmonie Calm

I’m very fond of Decleor facial oils – I have products that I go back to time and time again when I’m not testing specific ranges, and I have a bottle of Decléor Aromessence Neroli Concentrate on my bedside table that falls into that category. Personally, the oils are never-fails and I like their oil-serum texture. However, if you’ve got more sensitive skin many products are excluded from your repertoire. It’s really a pain to have sensitive skin in more ways than one, especially if you like trying new products and experimenting with skin care. So, Decleor’s newest products are totally in tune with complexion sensitivities. I’ll say ahead that these are untested by me – I don’t have sensitive skin so it seems a pointless test (although I will definitely use that oil in good time!). But, I can tell you about the products to see if they seem right for  your personal sensitivities. Also, I sacrificed my last garden rose for this picture :-(.

Decleor Harmonie Calm

First up, the Soothing Comfort Cream & Mask, £53. This is formulated to reduce redness and tightness in skin that is reacting. You can use it either as a daily light application cream or a heavier application to act as a moisturising and calming mask. I should say that the newness about this range is that these are organic versions and while you can, of course, be reactive to organic products, the likelihood goes down because of the ingredient purity. The Rose D’Orient Aromessence, £49, works to soften and hydrate the skin as well as bringing down redness. It’s a blend of rose, obviously, sweet almond, neroli, chamomile, blackcurrant seed and a corn derivative to help skin become more tolerant over time. Finally, Rose d’Orient Night Balm, £40 (tiny pot!) to use as an overnight power-treatment to calm, eliminate tightness and to soften.

Beauty brands rarely claim to treat rosacea, but ‘redness and calming’ are often bywords for the very same. Rosacea is very personal – it flares differently in everyone and only you’ll know if this sounds like something that would be helpful for you. But, if you do have the type of skin that gets tight (feels like sun burn without the sun) maybe from exercising outdoors or being in a heated environment, you will certainly find relief on that front. Personally, I hate the fact that it’s all so expensive – Decleor is another brand that needs to drop £10 off everything in my view – it seems unfair to be financially penalised for a skin issue when other people can use what they like, at whatever budget and their skin sucks it up perfectly well. Look Fantastic has 30% off HERE which brings the balm down to a more reasonable £30, the Aromessence to £36.75 HERE, and the Mask to £39.75 HERE. Which is a bit more like it. And you get a free gift …

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