If you think about it, the raw ingredients and technologies for your make up have to come from somewhere – it’s easy to only think about the finished product. But shades and pigment abilities are carefully worked on by manufacturers who then sell them on to cosmetic companies, who in turn make them into the covetable cosmetics we all lust after. One of the most innovative colour companies is DayGlo – who don’t just make cosmetics but colourants for all kinds of things – signage, household goods etc. They’re best known for working with fluorescent colours. Anyhoo, they’ve come up with something quite exciting for us make up people – DayGlo Gemini Colorants are mica pigments that are dual-toned, meaning they look different colours from different angles. So, you could look as though you are wearing blue from one view and yet another will show you are wearing red; the same for lilac or black and green to gold.

Quite how they’ve done it is anyone’s guess but a very basic explanation is that the dual-toned pearlescents have two distinct layers of colour each visible from a different viewing angle. I don’t think it will be long before we see it filtering through into mainstream – and I can’t wait!

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