[AD Content] In my first post about the Current Body Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device, I noted that researching hair loss is an absolute rabbit hole, and I’ll stand by that. Several months ago, I noticed my hair was falling out and it’s my own assumption that it’s a Covid side effect and that I’m by no means the only one affected by this.  My hair follicles seemed to have gone into a prolonged resting state so it ticked all the anecdotal Covid hair loss boxes – I feel as sure as I can that it is telogen effluvium, or ‘episodic hair loss’. Because I’ve seen the effect of red light on hair described as similar to how sunlight encourages plants to flourish I agreed to trial the device – more hair flourishing was exactly what I needed!

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device

I’ve now tested the LED Hair Regrowth Device for just about three months (so that’s roughly 60 treatments – the cap isn’t exactly portable and I went away for one weekend) and I’ll continue on for one more month as recommended, but I feel I am seeing results at 3 months and I know that some readers are waiting for this review. Given that it’s not promoted specifically for my type of loss – telogen effluvia – the results were never certain, but red light therapy has been found to increase microcirculation, stimulate cell metabolism and provide antioxidant support to scalp tissue. Androgenic hair loss is pattern loss – you might hear it termed ‘male pattern baldness’ but it’s common amongst women too.. I should point out that the independent study (HERE) finds that some women with androgenic (pattern) hair loss receiving LED red light therapy saw a 51% increase in hair, but also that it doesn’t work for absolutely everyone.

Any LED red light therapy for hair loss needs to be at a level of 650nm (nanometres) to work – Current Body’s version uses three LED wavelengths – 630nm, 650nm and 655nm across 200 bulbs so nowhere is missed. I took pictures on the day I started using it (above – unhappy, bare and flaky) and can say with certainty now that I can see new growth (mainly because they’re grey!) and the shedding is now back to what feels like a very normal level. My hair is not, of course, completely back to where it was – how could it possibly be in three months – but all the signs are that it’s coming back. Looking at average hair growth patterns, it’s about half an inch per month, and I’d say my new growth is at approximately one inch after three months of cap use which I see as encouraging because it (possibly) shows that any effects started to work after a month. Only time will tell whether it’s all coming back, but, I’m confident to say that because research results have proved to be positive for androgenic or pattern loss, and I feel that I’ve seen positive results on my telogen effluvia, that it may be a worthwhile investment. Small details like leaving yoga class with my mat covered in my own hair – it’s just not a problem any more. I’m cleaning off my hair brush far less and the shower floor isn’t covered with hair every time I wash it. My hair won’t be back to itself for many more months yet – I mean, perhaps even a year or so thinking about average growth, but the start has been made and I’m grateful for that.

Being cautious, this new growth could have just happened anyway – it’s not unusual – but the chances of it returning just as I’m going through the cap treatments make me feel all Miss Marple – something is going on! To also add, I’ve restarted my hair supplements, and take D, C and K and Vitamin B6 and 12 as well as a skin supplement. The Current Body Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device is expensive – £650 – but if you use code JANE15 HERE at checkout, you’ll receive a 15% discount. When I have completely finished using it, I’m passing it on to a friend who has pattern loss. You should also consider blood tests to see if any results can explain your hair loss, and I suggest you read my original post HERE.

NB I’ve had a couple of queries about whether the device has worked for my friend that I passed it onto. It has – I saw her last week and there is definitely new growth which I have seen for myself. However, she feels that the growth is not as much as she’d hoped on the fringe area but we are not sure whether the loss there was more than elsewhere. She will keep going up to the six month point.


*This is a paid content post for 3 months of trialling the product.


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