AD I’ve used the Current Body RF Skin Tightening Device eight times over the course of as many weeks which is the time that the brand suggests that users might start to see a difference in skin texture. I’ve been using it in two areas – my upper right lip and next to my right eye. First I want to flag up the difference between expression lines and lines that are a normal part of ageing. If you smile or laugh you will naturally get creases around the eyes and eventually they will leave their legacy (although if you’ve laughed a lot, I don’t really see that as anything other than positive). Look at your face in the mirror without smiling, and if there are any creases or crinkles, they’re what we’re targeting, not the lines created when you’re laughing. The way the device works is by generating heat to stimulate collagen and elastin production by sending waves deep into the skin layers. When your skin resists the waves, It heats up, which increases circulation and collagen production. The key is temperature – the activation process needs a temperature of 40-43 degrees C, which is what the device provides.


The Current Body RF Skin Tightening Device is really very simple to use – although I didn’t take the lid off the wand and couldn’t work out at first why it wasn’t doing anything. You need to use the gel included that acts as a buffer between your skin and the wand but only a tiny bit – don’t drown your face! The small rods on the device heat up to provide the radio frequency effect and be warned, it can get quite hot. There was never a point that I couldn’t tolerate it, but I nearly pulled it away on a couple of occasions. 10 minutes per area is nothing at all – I watched TV while moving the device around in very small circles. The key is to keep it on the move. Salons provide RF services which would probably be quicker, but gosh, it’s expensive and I’d personally rather take longer and do it at home than trek out to a salon every week.


In terms of results, I noticed that my skin in the areas I was targeting would puff up (minorly) and that slight swelling would smooth out the skin temporarily, but you need to be committed to longer term use to see any more permanent results. In fact, I would say that you need to commit probably forever to maintain the results you will see. My measure has been that the left side upper lip is less creased that the right and now, after using, I can see that they both look more or less the same, so yes, the Current Body RF Skin Tightening Device has definitely worked in that respect. However, I think I need to do at least another 6 weeks before the right becomes better than the left. So, it’s encouraging to see that there is some positive result that I can actually see although it is so far a gentle result. It’s taken these two pictures for me to see that there is some result on my eye as well.


I’ve tried to replicate the lighting and position but different day, different light (it’s my kitchen!) so the first on the left is before using and the picture on the right is after. If you compare the two of the right eye you can see there is slightly less of a fold by the end of the lid. We’ve got very used to things working in a minimum of time – I’d recommend using the Current Body RF Skin Tightening Device for double the amount of time before properly assessing and please do take some ‘before’ pictures so you have an accurate measure. Sometimes a subtle result isn’t noticeable because you don’t remember quite what it looked like in the beginning. So, take the most accurate picture you can. You can only use the device once a week so it will take a while, and if you’re after instant results, it’s not for you, but as they say, patience is a virtue and it’s so easy to fit into your routine. So, I am happy to recommend it because I can see some evidence of it working but with the caveat that you take your sweet time on it and don’t expect immediate miracles. The Current Body RF Skin Tightening Device is £299 HERE and I have code – JANERF for 15% off the price. Part 1 is HERE

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