I’m working on a job just now that requires some fashion items, so for just about the first time ever, I’m having to face up to Fashion PR’s. If I ever, ever complain about a beauty PR again, you have my permission to shut me up by any means, because compared to these fashion mean-girls, beauty PRs are like the good fairies.

A few examples of my conversations over the past couple of weeks. Please hold on to your jaw when you remember that I’m potentially putting their products in front of well over a million readers.

There are already a couple that I will never, ever call again…. if only their clients knew…and in truth one or two that have been amazingly helpful. When this happens I am almost pathetically grateful.

Me: Oh, hi. I want to call in a shot of XYZ top to feature in XYZ publication next week, so I wondered if you could send me an image, please?’

FP: I’m a bit busy. Can you email me?


Me: Hi there. I’ve just started a new spread in XYZ publication; can you tell me what clients you look after please?

FP: I’ll give you our agency web address so you can look them up.

Me: Hello. I spotted an animal print jump suit online so wondered if I….

FP: That’s old.

Me: OK, do you have anything similar (staring at the in-store mag where there are plenty of similar items)?

FP: No.

Me: Hello, can I speak to someone who looks after Wedgewood.

FP: Who?

Me: Wedgewood.

FP: We don’t look after Wedgewood. (Followed by a phone slam.)


Me: Here’s my list of forthcoming feature titles so you can send ideas from your clients – it’s listed by week and month starting from July.

FP: So when does it start?

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