Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years
Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years

I’ve been trialling this dinky little gadget for a couple of months now; as a general rule I’m not a gadgety person – it’s just one more thing to add into the routine and I’m all for keeping things simple. So, what I like about this is that you can use it regularly or occasionally and still get some benefit.

For such a little thing, it certainly packs a punch, although I wish it was chargeable rather than battery operated. Where I’ve been using it is around the eyes – particularly the smile crinkles (remember when those were called crow’s feet?!) – when I think they’re looking particularly knackered. If you spend a good five minutes pushing in an upward direction (the body of the gadget contains product – you can use pretty much whatever you want but a fluid consistency is vital, although Crystal Clear obviously recommend that it is used with their product), you do get a temporary lift and it makes the area feel fresher somehow as well. There is definitely something to be said for the increase of blood flow to the area.

So, to the trials. Again, generally, I don’t take too much notice of trials but these are pretty straightforward. Lift Away The Years was tested for eight weeks by 30 women aged 35-80 (and I LOVE that they included an 80 year old – when’s the last time you heard that age category taken into consideration for anything?) using industry standard tests (cutometry and profilometry) and the women tested the gadget one one side of the face only. Skin firmness increased by 45% and wrinkles decreased by 27%. The instant results are the ones that I’m more interested in as that’s more in keeping with how I’ve been testing it myself – 78% of the testers said they could see a lifting effect and that’s pretty much in keeping with what I’ve found. It does do what it says it will (I have tested around the eye area only).

At £79.99, this is quite an investment, but you’ll get out of it what you put in, I think. Personally, I certainly do want to look pepped up before I go out, especially around the eyes, and I’m fine to take the temporary benefits. However, if you are more committed to daily use, that’s probably where you’ll reap the rewards.

While this is a sponsored post, I’ve used Lift Away The Years on and off for a couple of months, so I’ve had every opportunity to see how it really performs. I have to ask myself, ultimately, whether if Crystal Clear asked for their gadget back, I’d be happy to give it or reluctant. I must admit, I’d be very much reluctant!

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