I’ve had quite a lot of press releases lately about mink lash extensions and mink false lashes. There’s a continuing theme of ‘cruelty free’ as the releases explain that hairs are ‘gently brushed from the mink’.

Just so we are clear, mink are not a domesticated animal. It would be like trying to brush a squirrel. Mink hair that is ‘brushed’ out from a living mink coat can only be done so in any quantity at a mink farm, where I very much doubt there is anything gentle about the process at all. It will be positively brutal. Even if the mink hair is brushed from the animal, please remember that these animals are destined for death anyway for the fur industry. Brushing out minute hairs for the lash trade is just a way to make their journey to the destination just that bit more dreadful. That said, there is no real evidence that such brushing exists to any great extent and it is just as likely that your mink lashes are taken from off-cuts of discarded fur after death.

And if you are still in doubt, any fur farms, including mink farms are utterly hideous. They’re death camps for animals, really. Speaking today to a spokesperson from PETA, he explains, “on fur farms, normally free-roaming animals are condemned to spend their entire lives confined to tiny, filthy wire cages. They are denied the opportunity to engage in natural behaviours such as climbign, burrowing and swimming. The anguish and frustration of life in a cage causes many animals to go insane. They can be observed frantically pacing and circling endlessly, and self-mutilation is common.”

So, good, if it’s okay with you and really *that* important to wear mink lashes, because you think it symbolises quality or luxury, then do it. But shame on you because in reality, it symbolises the opposite; and talk about staring death in the face – you really are, literally! The whole ‘cruelty free’ lashes thing is an out and out lie and if you fall for it then you are an utter fool. There are video links aplenty on-line of fur-farms, so a little self-educating would go a long way to being rid of this horrible practice.

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