Never normally one to stutter over a post, I’m now rewriting this for the third time. On the one hand I genuinely think Clinique is a reliable, solid brand that delivers good results. But on the other hand, I’m so skeptical of any claims that relate to cosmetic surgery. But, there seems to be a trend emerging in ‘laser like’ effect creams all in the name of undoing sun damage. It’s almost as though there is a cosmetic trend board or something who sit and ponder what the next concern might be so all the brands can rush off and make a cream to suit the trend. It’s the second in as many months that I’ve seen with a ‘laser’ claim.

So, exactly what are the claims? 3 drops twice a day for 12 weeks and you will see 63% of the visible wrinkle reducing power of a laser treatment. And, it’s £35. This seems like something of a miracle product – and in fact, the buzz about it makes it Clinique’s most hotly anticipated launch of the year. Laser Focus is in fact three serums in one; repairing UV damage with repair enzymes (patented by Clinique) by reversing and mending solar scars. Next, is Wrinkle Reducing Polypeptide Technology boosts collagen and maintains existing collagen, and lastly, free radical protection. The latter is almost mandatory in skin care now but will act to prevent further damage to a certain degree.

It doesn’t launch until September (there’s an early launch in Selfridges and Brown Thomas on 6th August), but you’ll be hearing an awful lot about this product in the run-up.

Even as a cynic, I’m very tempted by this, despite the fact that there is the whole measurability factor and variations in any laser treatment result. However, for those whom laser treatments are out of reach price wise, or those who really don’t fancy lasering, it sounds like a very positive solution to reduce sun damage in a measurable way.

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