Face Shaping Serum
Face Shaping Serum

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Serum, before anyone gets excited, is for the Asia market only currently, but it’s such an interesting product in that it is designed to give facial contours to Asian women who feel their faces are too round. It’s not even a new product – this is the fourth version of the contouring serum.

The theory is that natural roundness can be contoured with the serum to refine cheeks, lift the jaw line and give a slimmer face. At first, I was rather horrified that this even exists (I think I am still, a bit) – I really had no clue that face slimming products had ever been on sale but then, I’d never considered whether having a round face is an issue or not. I think probably not, but clearly in Asia, where natural roundness is very common, they think differently. It’s kind of a shame that a natural ethnic trait which is actually rather beautiful is considered a beauty problem. The V shape in the picture is sort of an infographic on the ideal face shape.

I can’t think that this can be the only ‘facial contouring serum’ and I am very much a fan of Clarins products, so if anything is going to make a difference to facial contours, my money would be on this. But my big question is whether beauty products (non medical) can really make any inroads into actually changing face shape at any meaningful level and my next question is whether it’s okay to even product a product that claims to do so? I think if a product claimed to remove excess fat under my chin, for example, because I don’t have a round face, or to make it more contoured I’d certainly give it a go. Same problem, different place?


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