Chanel Chance Hair Mist

I know it’s ridiculously decandent, but I do love a hair mist. I also love a cashmere fragrance for being impossibly silly but deliciously indulgent. I think we all know that neither a cashmere perfume or a hair perfume are necessities in life, but I love them all the same, and er, have both. Hair mists are essentially lighter versions of the EDT so you can use them easily as a light fragrance anywhere at all – I stick with the programme – and another way to use it is to spray directly onto your hair brush so you get a good distribution. They’re generally less expensive than the actual EDT so it’s a clever way to get almost the same for less. Chanel Chance Hair Mist (quite hard to find) is HERE for £34 at Boots with an offer of a complimentary Chanel gift bag in case you are buying for someone else. Although, surely a gift bag isn’t exactly an ‘offer’?

Guerlain Cashmere Spray
Guerlain Cashmere Spray

Guerlain Cashmere Spray is made for dressing table display! Even if I never used it, I’d still like to look at it every day. It’s designed to be sprayed on fabric so I will have to assume that there’s nothing in it to erode your precious knits (so far, so good on mine, but do spray from far away rather than a direct squirt). Guerlain bills this as a unisex scent (think lavender, mandarin and musk) but it has a powdery nature that makes me think it is more of a traditionally feminine note. Mind you, if I met a man who perfumes his cashmere, I’d be thrilled. Anyway, jolly good luck in tracking this down – I’ve only been able to find the Lingerie Spray (yes, really!) and the Bed Spray (yes, really!) in the UK HERE.

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