[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Bloom & Blossom is really having a moment – after testing their Scrubs Up Nicely body scrub in March and loving it, I wasn’t expecting more newness, but here we are in the form of Pyjamarama Dry Body Oil. My past experiences of ‘dry’ body oils is that they really can be quite dry and that’s not necessarily a very nice sensation. There’s a tipping point between feeling dry to the point of not at all hydrating (and in fact a bit alcohol laced) and dry meaning very light and not transferring and Pyjamarama is the latter.

Bloom & Blossom Pyjamarama Dry Body Oil

This is really for anyone who likes to spray and go – a very quick rub and a hop into your pjs and you are bed (or TV) ready :-). It’s non-sticky, nicely skin softening, hydrating and very delicately scented – you might get just a waft of frankincense which turns out to be sort of the scent of sleepy skin. The main oils are moringa seed and evening  primrose so you are getting all the fatty acids and antioxidants your skin needs.

Bloom & Blossom Pyjamarama Dry Body Oil

It’s probably not for you if you like (or need) very rich body cream or prefer thicker balms and salves – Pyjamarama is perfect for skin moisture maintenance and hot night hydration when you can’t bear anything weighty and sweat-making on your body. If you wait a few minutes after applying you will find the silkening effect has kicked in – I really noticed it on my hands and chest but I think regular use and you will be slipping out of your satin sheets :-). It’s £22 but I found it for £14.74 HERE.

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