[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I don’t know about you but we woke up to storms this morning – my hair is unspeakable, the air is sticky and the cloud is dense. But, all that aside, I’ve been trying out The Body Shop Zesty Lime Blossom and never was a fragranced range made more for a day like today. That little shot of lime is a real pep up.

The Body Shop Zesty Lime Blossom Review

Straight to the fridge for this refreshing face and body mist – there’s something a bit Mojito-ish about it and in the way that we have imprinted scent associations, it’s reminding me of warm evenings on holiday. Your day is done, you’re on the wind down with something revitalizing and sparkling before the night ahead… it’s definitely a feel good fragrance mist. There’s more of a floral element to this than a fruit but again, it’s that almost tropical holiday smell with just a whisper of play-dough in the mix – and I really like that (By Far Daydream of Hopscotch has exactly that element and it’s my favourite from their collection). The mist is £12 HERE.

The Body Shop Zesty Lime Blossom Review

Again – fridge! That cold flash that you’ll get from this water gel body yoghurt is delicious against a hot bod. I’m not a fan of heavy body moisturisers in summer – cannot bear that almost skin crawl feeling as your sweat glands rebel against this extra layer but this is lightness itself and probably more for the sheer pleasure than the ultra-hydration. The scent is a bit heady so I think might be nice before bed. It’s £12 HERE. The shower gel is just as you’d expect – a lighter burst of lime blossom but I can’t say anything against it because if you love the fragrance, it’s a great start to the day. It’s £7 HERE.



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