As you might know if you check in to BBB regularly, I am completely addicted to BIOEffect Serum.. I use it pretty well every single day and have done so since I first got a bottle. More recently, BIOEffect released their Daytime cream which didn’t grab me in the same way; I love the feel of the serum on my skin so I’m pleased to say that the Body Intensive Serum launching on Monday feels exactly the same. It’s very easy to smooth over the skin and wherever you put it feels softer almost immediately. The clear fluid has a very, very slight tackiness to it but it isn’t a long-last feeling and it absorbs quickly and easily.

At £80 a bottle, it isn’t cheap but, just like the facial serum, you need only a couple of drops per body area. And also just like the facial serum, Body Intensive contains EGF, a naturally occuring skin protein (which is reproduced in barley at their Iceland laboratories). EGF is a phenomenon in its ability to trigger cell renewal and boosting the production of collagen. Personally, I have yet to find anything better, face serum wise, that does such a brilliant job at keeping skin glowy and fresh. 

I guess the price point is the critical factor; if this was a tenner I’d rush out and buy twenty bottles, but it isn’t. However, many women don’t think twice about spending £80 on their face cream, so maybe it shouldn’t be any different for body. From my quick test of the Body Intensive, if it is within your budget it is something well worth having (particularly pre holiday) for unbeatably smooth skin. 

Find it from Monday at

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