I don’t get to go to fashion shows very often but backstage is definitely the place I want to be if and when I do. It’s really buzzy, stressy and frantically busy and everyone instantly slots into their stereotypes: pale, bored looking models, super glossy PRs welded to their mobile phones, beligerant and determined doormen, pushy photographers and quietly concentrating make up artists weilding their magic brushes. Because wherever you stand in a backstage room, you are in the way, I got rooted to the spot, right next to the tiny area where James Read (King of the Fake Tan) was transforming the transluscent skin of beautiful girls into something that more reflected the Moroccan theme of the PPQ show.

When I did move – a little bit – I managed to squeeze in a chat with a couple of Benefit make up artists, who were doing a very wearable exotic eye using Benefit Bad Gal (the waterproof version; thinner and more usable than the original Bad Gal) and -best tip of the night and definitely worth a try for the incredible result – applying You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser with the Benefit Bronzing Brush and buffing it over the skin. This gives the most amazing sheen finish. It’s worth trying I should think with any foundation or tinted moisturiser. Brows were brushed and defined (I spotted a really swanky Tweezerman gold plated lash and brow brush that I’m now wondering how anyone manages their brows without!).

Nails were creamy light and being applied with precision by Mavala; including the very genius nail artiste who created Marron Glace – probably the best ever Mavala nail shade.

Once in the show venue, getting everyone seated was a feat like no other. Some people just kind of assume they’re in the front row so plonk themselves down and then have to be discretely but firmly moved to the second, third or eeek, fourth row. The front row is so packed you are practically sitting on your neighbour’s knee (tip: don’t sit next to anyone with a cold) and it’s so hot you could literally pass out. But, once the show starts, it’s just mesmerising. This one had the lot – gorgeous clothes, tons of flash photography, a model who tripped, a hat that fell off and a coy appearance from the designers at the end. Perfect.

A few pictures from the show – remember; I am no photographer, but it does at least give a flavour. Since I am useless beyond useless at recognising celebrities (but even I clocked Brigitte Neilsen), others kindly pointed out Reggie Yates, V V Brown and Paloma Faith.

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