So many questions! Benefit has voluntarily recalled all Gimme Brow brow gel products purchased in 2017 but no need to panic. It’s not a mandatory recall, which means that a few of the products have fallen short of Benefit’s own standards so they’ve initiated this themselves. Recalls are a complete nightmare logistically, and it’s highly unlikely that most of us would even notice that it was necessary. There is nothing harmful in Gimme Brow despite the recall, if you’re using it for its intended purpose which is on the brow. However, should you get any of it in your eye (in which case you’re probably using it wrong!) it might irritate. Hence the recall.

I have sneaky suspicion that this is a USA led directive because of the multiple law suits against beauty brands by Joe Public (for want of a better term) – it’s a bit of a trend – as I’ve documented in various Beauty Business News posts. Key in that trend is people using beauty products not for their intended purpose and then suing because the product didn’t carry a warning not to do it.

So, what you need to know:

You will be able to get a full refund for any purchase of Gimme Brow (rather than a replacement, at this time).

If your Gimme Brow was part of a box set, you will be fully refunded for the retail value of the size from the set. Bottom line is if you’re using the gel on your brows (rather than jabbing it in your eye) then you are highly unlikely to have any issues, at least, no more than any other brow gel so personally, I’d flag this as a no stress situation!

However, while Benefit has now advised all retailers to pull the product. It’s problematic for retailers because it appears in a few of the Benefit gift sets. I’ve spotted the product still for sale (in sets) on a couple of sites but it has disappeared from the majority and will be in the process of disappearing completely.

To get a refund you will need to return the product to your original place of purchase, or if you no longer have the receipt or it was a gift, you can contact or call 0800 086 8204 and they’ll let you know how to proceed.

Any Gimme Brow purchased in 2017 can be returned for a full refund up until 31st March, 2018 (should any turn up in your Christmas stockings!). Product swaps are not being offered at this time. If you ordered your product online and haven’t kept the returns form, you can go to the contact page on the site and request a new one.

There is no set date for resupplies of Gimme Brow and if you’re about to run out, Diorshow Bold Brow (£22), Lancome Sourcils Styler (£18.50) and Soap & Glory Archery (£10) are good alternatives.



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