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I was a speaker at the Pegasus Healthy Beauty Forum yesterday along with premium market analyst, Imogen Matthews (@prembeauty) and Anna Marie Solowij (co-founder of BeautyMart and beauty journalist). While I was speaking about the blogging side of things, Anna Marie was discussing Asian beauty influences (see Solar D Sun Care, which is actually Australian but we are also seeing some very strong trends from that region) and Imogen was doing the cleverest thing of putting beauty vibes and trends into statistics. Needless to say I was riveted so thought I’d share some of the insights.

  • In 2010 Nail Polish had a phenomenal growth in sales of 17.4%. By 2015, it had dropped to 6.4%.
  • In 2010, Lipstick sales growth actually fell by 1%. To current day, it has now grown by 6.4%.
  • Since 2010 growth in sales of both face make up and eye make up has fallen.

So, these stats really do reflect a mood that all beauty bloggers and probably consumers feel – the nail art trend really boosted sales, and Imogen thought that the ‘lipstick effect’ where women buy a new lipstick to cheer themselves up when times are hard was replaced by the nail polish effect. Nail polish is cheaper to buy into which tells us something about the crazy prices of lipstick now. Basically, lipstick has priced itself out of the feel good market.

  • While cleansing gels and creams sales have risen by 1.2% in 2015, cleansing wipes have risen by 8.8% (2014 saw a rise of 10.6%.
  • Moisturisers have only risen in sales this year by 2.2% whereas in 2010 they saw a 6% rise.

These figures surrounding cleansing wipes are actually a bit of a shock! They’re cheap, convenient and the super pricy cleansing balms and creams we see are being properly outranked by the ease of a swipe. As for buying less moisturiser.. I can’t even think why that would be.

In terms of 50+ demographics, did you know that the over 50s control 79% of the wealth in this country and that by 2020, 50% of the UK population will be over 50. Anti-ageing brands, I hope, are feeling the pressure to speak to that demographic in a better way.

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Anna Marie flagged brands to watch as Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr, Mr Smith (the most minimal brand you’re ever likely to see and I want it now!) and organic brand, Go-To. From Korea, she flagged up cleansing balm sticks (on order!) as an emerging trend. Australia is showing some incredible packaging – different, streamlined and stylish, while Korea and Japan are still knocking it out of the park in terms of textures and new ways to present make-up and skin care. Incidentally, did you know it takes on average, 7 years, for a trend from another country to find it’s way here.

I could have listened to them for treble the time; there was so much to learn, so I’ve collated top line information in case it’s of interest.

Imogen Matthews: @prembeauty

Anna Maria @annasolowij

Pegasus: @peg_beauty


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