I thought it might be interesting to see just how beauty sales are panning out, stats wise. John Lewis kindly let me have the skinny about what’s on the rise. Like M&S, John Lewis is a good indicator on what is happening in the retail world in general.

Eyebrow Products – up 34%.

Bronzers – up 22%

Tinted Moisturisers – up 15%

Premium Hair Care – up 30%

And.. no surprises, all things nails up ridiculously high! What might be more of a surprise is that niche, smaller fragrance brands are also on the rise, as are skin serums. I wonder if we’re falling out of love with mass fragrances?

However, and this is not sourced from JL who are shy about what’s going down, but from my own research, is that the premium body care sector is struggling to maintain its foothold. Mintel reports that between 2007-2012, sales fell by 10%, and when it’s a multi-million pound industry, that’s quite a fall in cash terms.

If there is a beauty cost-cutting exercise to be made, it stands to reason that you might opt for a cheaper body brand rather than stay with an expensive one and get a cheaper complexion care brand. I don’t think women are easily parted from their anti-ageing products. When I look at body care, with some premium body scrubs asking over £30 for what is basically a pot of salt in essential oils and carrier oils, you have to ask what value any beauty consumer is getting from that. Apart from the obvious pampering benefit, what else is there? Maybe you need to spend high to feel well-pampered? I do feel a little surprised at the luxury hair care market jumping up – it’s not so long ago that £30 for a shampoo and conditioner was considered outrageously expensive; not so now. Somewhere along the line, we have lost faith in cheaper shampoos. If I had the money and the time I’d love to get an expensive shampoo vs a cheap shampoo and conditioner properly tested to see exactly what is in there that we should pay that much for. I do buy expensive shampoos and conditioners; I still use Pantene Aqua Light sometimes which is cheap, but don’t feel I can skimp on conditioner, and I’m not quite sure why.

I’d love to know your views.



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