I’ll kick off with an update re Pat McGrath Labs and Reward Style and another thank you to everyone who was so helpful. So, Reward Style (the affiliate agency) have agreed to pay a ‘makegood bonus’ amount of $344 and that payment comes from them rather than the brand. I don’t know how that’s calculated and orders are still being placed via my link. It seems that it has been the brand’s decision to turn off linking for UK based content creators – the irony being that this brand is founded by a British woman of whom we are immensely proud and whose brand, personally, I feel should be supporting UK based creators, particularly around the special deals that level the playing field on affordability and aren’t available at UK stockists such as Selfridges.  It transpires that brands make the decision whether or not to offer affiliate linking across all regions – it’s not Reward Style making that decision. So, at some point, Pat McGrath Labs has decided that the only notable value is in the US links and not elsewhere.  Several US brands (notably Sephora and Nordstrom) didn’t want to comply with our GDPR regulations and therefore switched off linking capabilities. So, this is where we are at now but really, I don’t feel done with this or the feeling that many US brands don’t recognise anything that happens outside their own doorstep as of value. As an aside, not one single peep from Pat McGrath Labs UK PR who should have been all over this. Even more annoying is the fact that my order of balms just never registered and in the fuss, I didn’t realise.

A big shout out to Eucerin for their plan to remove leaflets from their packaging. The aim to cut them out for good by 2021 will say goodbye 20 million leaflets per year… and that’s just one brand. Imagine how much paper could be saved if everyone re-thought their packaging in this way.

On one of my rare visits into London I actually went to a Lush store (first time in years) to search for their ‘self-timing’ soap – what a genius idea. It’s a tiny bar of soap that lasts 30 seconds to keep you washing for the optimum time. It’s only in UAE currently and it’s in collaboration with Deliveroo over there – I mean, a prime marketing opportunity to get Lush literally into the hands of potential consumers. I wonder how long soap leaves last and whether they can also be considered self-timing. More HERE.

The owners of Phyto Haircare and Lierac (which I seem only ever to see in TK Maxx) are entering administration. The Ales Group has been hit by a freeze in distribution because of Covid19 and couldn’t withstand the financial implications of that. They won’t be alone I am sure.

Rumours have been rife that M&S is lining up as a potential buyer for Victoria’s Secret whose UK arm went into administration in June. Imagine that…. not just any old lace up bustier..

Space NK is closing its US stores (they have existing wholesale partnerships with Nordstrom and Bloomingdales which will continue). It’s interesting that the trend for local stores (we have a branch here in South East London) suddenly looks like foresight since shopping habits are skewing local so dramatically and central town stores are left empty.

I feel quite sad that Clarisonic will be no more – somehow L’Oreal just couldn’t make it work but it’s a good gadget (amongst a slew of pointless ones) that actually does a great job of cleansing. But, it’s shutting up shop for good (although warranties will be valid until at least next year). The founder of Clarisonic has his sights set on single dose beauty shots under the name Opulus. The website is currently a holding page where you can sign up for news as it happens HERE.

The business of mask wearing is rapidly becoming beauty territory – and as we know the beauty industry leaves no opportunity sitting idle. Expect skin care to prevent ‘maskne’ (a marketing word) which in fact, you probably only need to address if you are wearing masks for extended periods of time – a quick bus or train trip isn’t going to trouble your complexion. Also expect impregnated disposable masks designed to keep skin clear and for cloth masks, this ‘mask refresher’ from Enfusia in the US which deodorises (but doesn’t disinfect). Actually, I am waiting for a cloth mask disinfecting spray which I would buy in an instant – washing cloth masks has got tiresome already.

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