[productsamples] There are two purposes to this post – first to flag up the new look Balance Me (thank goodness for some colour at last) and to review the Super Moisturising Body Oil which I’ve never used before. I get out of the habit of body moisturising because the supplements I take are good at ensuring that I don’t often need it, but there’s always a little blip in the summer to winter transition. Perhaps it’s that I stop drinking nearly as much water… I’m not sure. So, it’s a good time to give it a go.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Oil

There’s something a bit holiday-ish about the scent of this – it really reminds me of after-sun and I love that about it. I think maybe it’s the neroli because there’s not much scent from starflower or rosehip, but whatever it is, I’m immediately reminded of sunny holidays. We all know that rosehip is a star in the natural oil world for its antioxidant properties and it’s richness in Vitamin A.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Oil

The oil formulation has a noticeable compatibility with skin texture – what I mean by that is it instantly feels like it should be there; once it’s on your skin you feel it’s found its home! I suspect that compatibility is Olive Squalene which is noted for for being light and easily absorbed. So you won’t get much in the way of a skin sheen because it doesn’t really sit on top for ages. What you’ll notice is that your skin feels softer straight away and of course, hydrated, supple and comfortable. I mean, it’s kind of everything you want in an oil unless you don’t like the smell of sun creams in which case, it’s not for you!

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Oil

Balance Me describes itself as a ‘natural’ brand – it’s made without silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and more, with a strong policy on recycling – everything you see here is considerately made. Tubes are over 80% post consumer recycled plastic and are widely recyclable while the glass bottle, from packaging to lid, is also fully recyclable. I was talking recently with a formulator about refilling stations – for which the oil would be an ideal candidate – but it seems that while brands are on the whole willing, they lack the space and resources to make it happen as standard (think about how tight the counter or in-store spaces are in department stores). They’re also up against some consumers who have only just go their head around recycling, never mind taking their products back to a shop to refill – which in itself has some negative impacts, especially if you drive. It’s only just emerging how hard it is to be a responsible brand without passing further impact down the line. Anyway, there we go – I don’t have anything negative to say about this oil – it’s delicious, a proper treat for dry skin and just some actual self care that makes you feel you’ve treated yourself. It’s £24.50 HERE. 


live Squalane
Derived from olives, this wonder ingredient boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation.

Rich in Vitamin A, rosehip is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient.

Arctic Cloudberry
This natural fruit plumps and hydrates skin cells while protecting against environmental damage.

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