[unpaid/sample] If you like a minty morning, you’re in luck! Spearmint, eucalyptus and rosemary is a very revitalizing combination – spearmint is my favourite mint for it’s little kick of sweetness, I can even tolerate it in lip balm unlike regular minty balms or lipsticks. Anyone noticed that the trend for making lipsticks and glosses minty seems to be dying a bit of a death. Not a moment too soon!

Neom Super Shower Power Body Polish

The formula is a mix of coffee grounds, almond shell and olive stone – all upcycled from the food industry. I know the sound of olive stone and almond shell sound a bit harsh perhaps but they’re so finely ground that the scrub feels relatively gentle.

NEOM Super Shower Power Body Polish

Although I am not a shower faffer – I am in and out as quick as possible – it’s worth dampening the skin, turning the shower to one side (or off) and making time for this one, not least because as the aromas rise it’s an absolute treat. As far as exfoliation goes, I can’t fault it really – any shin dryness will disappear with this and if your feet need a spruce up, this is perfect as is leaves them feeling zippy and fresh. It’s £28 which I feel is a bit on the pricy side – you can’t be skimpy with exfoliator or why bother? You could add it to a bit of your regular shower gel just to get a bit more base to work with – there are plenty of bits so I’m sure slightly less intensity won’t make any difference. There’s probably a really complicated equation that could be done here but I am not the woman for the job! It’s in treat territory for me for 150ml but it is a very great pleasure to use. You can find it HERE.

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