Autograph Highlighter
Autograph Highlighter

It’s really interesting (to me, at least!) that this whole ‘3D’ beauty is a trend for next year. First we have Chanel’s darling flower blush (HERE) and now Autograph at Marks & Spencer are showing a raised highlighter and blush for next year. It doesn’t have the finesse or delicacy of the Chanel offering but it’s still very, very pretty. It’s not a new-new technology – Laura Mercier (Rose Rendevous Highlighter) used it last year with a recessed powder, but it’s obviously doing the beauty rounds so there may well be other examples ahead.

Anything to do with beauty tooling and components is fascinating to me – I did a feature a while back for on the Givenchy leather clad lipsticks – let me tell you, they weren’t easy to produce (the feature is HERE if you want to read) needing part machine and part hand-finishing. In theory, you can do just about anything now with make-up – a lot of the technology is in China.

If I ever get to China, unfollow me unless you want to read a lot of posts about beauty moulds!

The Autograph version looks a lot like the Guerlain flower symbol – I think it will do really well because already it plays with your memory as something ‘recognisable’ even though it’s brand new. M&S have given it a nice point of difference twist (and the blush) by using a marbling effect. But, it won’t cost nearly the same as Chanel! In fact, it’s a bit of a snip at £12.50 and hits stores in January.

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