While the brand is hell bent on putting this coverage in a new make-up category, I’m looking behind the spin to see if it really does perform differently to foundation. Remembering that it has no powders in it and is built entirely on oils and silicone, I’m surprised that it is has such a non-oily feel. If your skin hates silicones then count yourself out of this; it’s the first ingredient. 

However, my skin loves silicones and Maestro Fusion Make Up really does have a ‘different’ feel to it – somewhere between a slick serum and foundation. If they are doing any sampling campaigns at launch it is definitely worth trying. I used it this morning and the coverage is medium, but oh so smooth! It’s given my skin a perfected look that I’m really impressed with and does indeed feel weightless – my skin feels smoother than normal, too. 

I didn’t use any moisturiser under it because I wanted to use it with nothing to skew results. The formula, with a dropper applicator, is very runny which means you have to be careful with it, but on the plus it is that very fluidity than makes it so easy to apply and to get the level of coverage you need. I had to apply it twice to get the coverage I wanted, so it is adaptable from light to medium depending upon how you like it. 

So is it a foundation or a new category of skin coverage? I’d say it is a hard call – it feels different to any other foundation I’ve tried but gives a look of foundation…so… hard to say really. I think if you really want to start a new category you’d have to name it more dramatically than Fusion so it becomes a generic product term, like BB for example, rather than just a product name. Just saying.

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