AquaFresh High Definition
Aquafresh High Definition

I have always been a big fan of whitening toothpastes and consider white teeth a beauty basic for a confident smile – it’s also, in my view, anti-ageing. I definitely don’t go for neon-white a la Hollywood, but just a clean, fresh look. With whitening toothpaste, I think it’s an easy win in the beauty stakes – you don’t even need to think about it.
I have a brilliant offer for BBB readers from Aquafresh High Definition White that offers three times the whitening than any other toothpaste on the UK market, thanks to ILLUMIPEARL technology, and I’ll be opening up more offers like this in the future.
So, 150 BBB readers can receive a free tube of Aquafresh High Definition White in return for filling out a very short survey on Survey Monkey. Brands find real reader feedback invaluable and it’s your honest opinion, thoughts and experiences they’re after, so if you love it you can say so, and if you don’t you can say so! If you’d like to receive a free tube, email your name and postal address to and the first 150 BBB readers to respond will get one in the post. You’ll be asked to fill out a quick survey as mentioned, and you may get an email to gently nudge you after a couple of weeks if you haven’t got round to filling it in. However, please do read the disclaimer below.

Please let me know if you’d like to see more BBB reader trials.
* By sending your details, you acknowledge that you give full consent to participating in this trial. After you’ve tried the product for one week please complete a short survey, the details of which will be emailed to you. Your results from the survey will be used alongside other results within future marketing materials. Please be reassured that all answers will be confidential. Your details won’t be passed to third parties.


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