Getting a hair-cut is proving virtually impossible for me.. my days don’t really have any firm structure so making an appointment that you really can’t be late for is almost impossible. No two days are ever the same and I’m often asked to do things very last minute so it is very difficult to pin me down. I’m not late by nature, but feel it is bad form to show up at the hairdresser late and thereby make everyone stressed and rushed and hairdressing isn’t usually something you can get a very last minute appointment for. 

However, when I found myself trimming my fringe with the dog-grooming scissors yet again, I realised things had got out of hand and I would just have to turn phone/twitter/laptop off and just do it! The very appropriately named House of RUSH on Piccadilly stepped up to the mark and gave me an appointment.

After a little bit of controversy over how long an inch (that I wanted off) actually was, I ended up with a great haircut. It was absolutely what I wanted – basically the same as I have now but a little bit shorter with a fringe I can see out of. There is a little bit of a tendency for some hairdressers to see their client as a work in progress, so they do what they want without listening to what the client wants – or, probably more accurately, they don’t have the skills to tease out exactly what is wanted. My lovely hairdresser did have that skill, and although I was irritated over the ‘inch being a different length to different people’ comments at the time, afterwards I thought that she was right to question my flippant request to ensure we were on the same page.

So, the thing I liked most about RUSH (other than a waiter appearing out of the blue with a glass of champagne) was that it is a very, very luxy environment that hasn’t got so ahead of itself that it has forgotten the most crucial of basic skills – communication. Other than that, there is nothing else to report; she put a fabulous shine spray on before blow drying that made my hair gleam for days and I left with a beautiful cut, more manageable hair and a feeling that I’d had exemplary, unobtrusive service. I’d go again.

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