Ameliorate Body Scrub

I always get great feedback on the Ameliorate Body Lotion for treating bumpy skin on arms and legs (KP) – I use it myself and absolutely recommend. The reason it works so well is that it contains lactic acid which basically munches up those skin cells that cause the bumps. So, it’s really good news that there’s a body scrub on the way that uses both physical exfoliators and lactic acid.

I’ve had a long chat with the formulator about this (he makes some stellar products) and trust his judgement on all formulations. The Ameliorate Body Lotion has been clinically tested (independently, of course) with some pretty amazing results. I won’t go into all the details but one of the results (on 82 people) was from a question asking if their skin felt and looked smoother after two weeks of using the scrub. 93.8% of the group said yes. When asked if their skin was improved, 87% of those using the cream said yes, and 72% of the group who were using the scrub alone said yes. It’s a lab sample that you see in the pictures.. it will be prettier when it gets to the shops!

Ameliorate body lotion uses about 12% lactic, which is high, and which is what makes it so effective – the scrub is less, obviously, because if you’re using both together which would be the ideal, there can be too much of a good thing. The physical exfoliator comprises bamboo and a biodegradable synthetic wax to create a grainy, effective scrub. To use it, apply, wait two or three minutes and then rub in and shower off.

Ameliorate is a newish brand and it’s one I’m watching just for the pleasure of watching it turn from a tiny brand into a huge brand… which I am sure it will. Ameliorate Body Lotion is HERE – the scrub is due for release on 1st June for £19.50. I promise, they both work.

Oh, another little point when you’re shopping for newer, smaller brands – always try and buy from their own website rather than a bigger beauty site; sales are so important and big retailers take a big margin for themselves, which means there is less profit for the small brand. Smaller brands need all the help they can get and that profit is important for so many reasons.

Ameliorate Skincare is HERE.



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