[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] The very thorny problem of using sunscreen under makeup is addressed with the new Ambre Solaire Over Makeup Super UV Mist SPF50. It can be very hit and miss when you’re using multiple layers – cleanser, serum, sunscreen, moisturiser, foundation, powder – I mean, something is likely to go wrong somewhere if you’re layering at that level. And while there is plenty of information out there on how and why to wear SPF, there’s also some unrealistic expectations. I mean, I could not pile that lot on my face and feel comfortable – the sweat for one thing. If we divide the thought of ‘holiday’ sunscreen and ‘day to day’ sunscreen, we see the requirements are quite different. In my personal view, you don’t need to attend to your face in the same way with sunscreen for your day to day home to office (or home to home!) as you do if you are basking on a rock in St Tropez for six hours.

Garnier Over Makeup Super UV Mist Review

Ambre Solaire Over Makeup Super UV Mist gets a thumbs up for delivering on the promise of protecting skin over make up (you can use it under if you prefer). I always look at other reviews (if there are any) and often do a quick check on a site like Whatsinmyjar.com just to be certain in my own mind. The thing you need to remember is that it’s not a ‘beauty’ mist that you can waft at your face – you need to use it thoroughly without skimping to get the full SPF50. I found that while it is absolutely fine over make up there is a slight sheen to the finish which personally I don’t mind because I like dewy but it’s not fully matte. I didn’t find any interaction but would advise that you don’t try to rub it in or anything – you have to just leave it to set. I say that because my instinct, even over a base, was to rub or pat at it! It’s protective against UVA, UVB and long UVA and is invisible in that there is no casting – but as I say, the dew.

Garnier Over Makeup Super UV Mist Review

The other new product from Ambre Solaire is the Anti-Dryness Super UV – it’s absolutely lovely and can match or even out-class the most luxurious of sun care for the face. My tip is that it makes an excellent neck and decollete SPF which is where I’m wearing it right now. It’s a light texture fortified with glycerine so nothing too fancy but texturally, it’s light and luscious and actually leaves skin looking and feeling softer. It’s aimed at those who need more moisture and sure enough, you will get it and get it without it looking like you’ve slathered on cocoa butter. Pop it in a Clarins tube and you’d know no different. I feel that Ambre Solaire Anti-Dryness Super UV is the rebel of the SPF industry because it’s a huge flag that we really, truly, don’t need to be spending a small fortune on facial SPFs to get ‘proper’ protection. Every home should have one – and I never say that! The Mist is £6 (yes, really) HERE and the Anti-Dryness? Also £6 HERE. It’s coming on holiday with me in a couple of weeks.

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