[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Turns out I’ve got quite a lot of favourites from this year – it’s quite often the case that when I do paid work with a brand I try to test for a longer period of time than I usually would and then become somewhat addicted to the product. Products that immediately spring to mind are Murad’s Vita C Glycolic Brightening Serum and The Body Shop Ginger shampoo – both of which I have subsequently purchased more of. But today, the favourites that I have been really impressed with are Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave In Treatment which has negated the need for conditioner entirely. Nine times out of ten I use it with Ginger Shampoo OR Heinrich Barth Fig Shampoo (so deliciously figgy – I eked out my sample bottle, restocked and will restock again because it’s very much near the end).


Having used this every wash since I received it as a sample, I really do think that my hair is in better condition as a result of it. Away from the initial thrill of post-blow dry shine and softness, overall it has improved the texture, flexibility and manageability. Aveda has a Christmas set for £24.50 in which you also get a 40ml shampoo and conditioner as well as the 100ml Treatment. Bearing in mind the Treatment is £28 usually for 100ml, it’s spectacular value (both conditioner and shampoo are lovely too but the thing that has stuck for me is the Treatment) bearing in mind the value of the set was originally £46. It’s HERE, non-affiliate HERE.


I trialled The Body Shop Ginger shampoo, conditioner and serum for a sponsored post at the end of the summer (I think) and it’s been my go-to ever since. I can, hand-on-heart, say I haven’t had dandruff or a flaky scalp since so that speaks for itself. It’s a good cleanser with a spicy scent that I love and feels like incredible value at £7.50 HERE, non-affiliate HERE for 100ml. If you have an itchy scalp then the serum is a better option for you but the shampoo seems to have kept me flake free so the serum is an occasional use (central heating is a killer for itchy scalps and somehow I’ve managed to feel itchy by writing about it!).  I’ve focussed on the ginger aspect, but it also contains aloe and white willow bark (gentle exfoliant). Heinrich Barth Mykonos is another absolute favourite for its glorious herby-fig scent that lasts and lasts. I think its a fairly basic shampoo formula lifted by the fragrance but I have no complaints about the cleansing aspect – it’s almost like a detox shampoo, so very thorough. I can’t find it in the sale anywhere because it’s in limited distribution, but you can find 250ml for £21 HERE, non-affiliate HERE.

Hot Tools Black Gold Volumizer

I can’t miss out the Hot Tools Volumizer for revolutionising my blow dry. I use it every single time I dry my hair and you would have to prize this from my cold, dead hands. It outstrips its competitors in performance and gives your hair a ‘done’ look without fail. Even with my low patience level, my hair manages to look like a stylist has been at least somewhere near it. Imagine if I had patience to section even more. I dry off with my Dyson to about 80% dryness and then section with a clip and get going with the volumizer. The magic is in the pull-through (think how many times the hairdresser pulls her barrel brush through your hair while aiming the dryer at it) which is super-effective and has enough heat and blow from the drying part to hold the bouncy, sleek result. And best of all, it’s done in a matter of minutes. Again, this doesn’t show up on any sale sites (unfortunately) but it’s HERE for £79.65.

PS: Mr BBB has just told me it’s a bank holiday!



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