[unpaid/sample] So far, so good for this brand that embraces make up for everyone. I’m not a fan of ‘make up for older women’ because there’s no such thing really – wear what you want in the way you want and that’s fine.  However, without wishing to go down the doom route, it’s often the case that as you get older, your lashes aren’t as full or long as they used to be, it may be that you’ve had short and sparse lashes all your life, or it may be a combination.  I certainly notice it with mine and actually one of my lash lines has gone quite bonkers with a little section sprouting in all directions.

19/99 Lash Tint Mascara Review

Thankfully, mascara exists – in any format you want. Longer, thicker, darker, curlier, spikier – you name it, it exists. 19/99 Lash Tint Mascara is a dial down for those who prefer a more natural lash look but don’t want to be bare entirely. It gives all the desired colour depth you need to enhance the eyes without any of the clumping or loading. If you do have sparse or short lashes and can’t get to grips with the intensity of regular mascaras because they’re just too much (and they easily can be) Lash Tint is good at giving you a defined lash fringe that emphasises your eyes without overloading.

19/99 Lash Tint Mascara Review

Thanks to the tiniest brush I think I’ve used (smaller, I think, than Surratt’s), every single lash gets coated from root to tip – it’s an absolute breeze to apply and helped me to get my little tangled cluster in more of a uniform shape. I like it a lot – it’s ticking the boxes for pared back beauty as well as addressing an issue that actually exists. It’s launching on the 17th of June into Cult Beauty for £14.

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