Andrea Garland Molly Necklace


Hello, my pretty! This is a necklace with a difference, containing a tinted red lip balm and a clear lip balm for on-the-go top-ups. It’s £28. Along with the Molly necklace, there’s also this new Lemon Balm Body Gloss that’s … Read more

Rouge Bunny Rouge 3 Pan Palette


Eyeshadow Keeper Refill I’ve just got a sample of the new RBR 3 pan palette (£15) and 3 shades to pop in it. There is a size difference between regular RBR shadows and the slightly smaller ones for the palette … Read more

Bourjois New Summer Blush Shades


Rose Pompom, Rose Mandarine, Veloute de Peche and Rose Thè. I don’t think I actually know anyone who hasn’t either currently got, or in the past had, one of the little Bourjois blushers in their make-up stash. They’re just a … Read more