Well, you live and learn. Yesterday, I went to the launch of a new exercise wear range (Vevie – it’s gorgeous with all sorts of beautifully thought through detail such as tiny pockets for keys and motivational labels, etc) when for no particular reason the conversation turned to waxing down under. I’ve never had the full monty and never had the remotest desire to do it either, but I know that converts are almost evangelical. What nobody has ever mentioned before is that apparently after you’ve had it done, and you pop to the loo, your wee goes everywhere because there is nothing to ‘channel’ it, as it were. Who KNEW? And then today, I met a friend and he confided that if you have a back, sac and crack, your farts are louder because there’s nothing to muffle the sound. OMG. I feel like I know too much and yet, find it absolutely fascinating! 

NB: Have just had a quick word with the good ladies at the Ministry Of Waxing. They say, “you may notice that your urine flow differs slightly if you’re having a Hollywood (this happens even less so with Brazilians) and this is because the pubic hair sometimes acts to channel the urine downwards. Usually you would only notice this on your first Hollywood wax – the more you wax the less you will notice a difference.”


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