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Nicole by OPI

I’m having a little ‘does not compute’ moment and wondering how on earth I’ve missed that Nicole by OPI (the more budget friendly OPI little sister) is in Boots. Not…
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Scent Shocker!

I’m often confused by the fragrance world, and do end up feeling that maybe I’m one of the few that ‘just doesn’t get it’. I see other people’s reviews of…
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On Trolls

Anyone who has a blog will be familiar with Trolls. Those nasty, spiky little comments placed always by ‘Anonymous’ that don’t add anything whatsoever to the post but are just…
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Lumie Clear Tried & Tested

Thank you Laura aka Lumie Clear Review: After replying to the rallying call of an enviously clear skinned BBB, I took on the challenge of giving the Lumie Clear…
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Les Khakis de Chanel

Created exclusively by Peter Philips for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out on 8th September, this gorgeous trio of limited edition nail polishes are hitting every single I Need It spot! Khaki…
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Illamasqua: The Last Post

Ok, so things have moved on a very, very great deal concerning the empasse between blogs and magazines. In fact, on the whole, things are positively friendly. We do what…
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