How Timely: New Bath & Body Care Line Gets It Spot On


While the new beauty range Me! Bath (not as in ‘me dinner’, I hope) comes in a mind boggling 40 flavours, I’m loving that they have a line called Summer Rain. It just couldn’t be more appropriate for the showery … Read more

Love Lippy? You’ll Adore Rouge Dior Serum de Rouge


Smooth lips are a beauty must have, but boy, it’s a struggle to keep your pout in perfect condition. No wonder lip balms are in every girl’s essential beauty kit. Apart from the old toothbrush trick (gently scrubbing dry skin … Read more

Thierry Mugler New Fragrance for 2010.


Angel fragrance was launched in 1992 and has now become one of the most iconic scents of all time. In fact, in France, Angel outsells Chanel. Fans of Angel are diehards, even requesting the pantone for the blue packaging in … Read more