[AD/Content] First, what a great name! What I love is that SheWolf sounds so fierce and yet the imagery so quirky and light-hearted – a contrast that we can all relate to, I think. SheWolf is founded by Madrid based Mariano Ruiz – he is a pretty much a one-man party! Full of positivity, fun and sincerity that reflects throughout the SheWolf range. Mariano has had a long career in hair styling – 23 years – and as a stylist got bored of the stulted nature of hair care. I mean, he has a point. Nothing very different comes along all that often and certainly nothing fun.

Holiday Hair Kit!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve really put SheWolf to the test. I got my hairdresser, Kelsey (below), to use it on me and give me her views and then I took it on holiday (above) to try while I was away. Anyone knows that holiday hair is the most difficult to deal with but the result was the softest hair I think I’ve ever had that just fell into place without straighteners. London water always gives us a challenge but I’ve also washed my hair here since getting back and the effect is still beautifully soft and conditioned.

Kelsey used the Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair – she loved the smell and also was impressed with the shine. But hairdressers do their own kind of magic, don’t they, so I was really happy that it wasn’t a stylist-alchemy one-off and I could replicate the shine myself. The thing that is the most marked in testing is how little it disturbs my colour. Usually, I can see that I rinse a lot of colour away so it’s very noticeable when using SheWolf Colour Protect that I’m not – and obviously not. The ingredient behind the colour keeping and smoothness? Sweet Almond, which provides an invisible (and weightless) wrapping to the colour allowing it to stay longer.

SheWolf Hair Care

The scent of the Colour Protect range is a blend of pomegranate and tuberose with a little zing of orange and a smooth end note of vanilla and musk (as is the conditioner). It leaves a trace of warm tuberose afterwards as well as being delightful in the use because the fragrance just bursts out. Mariano is hands on with the formulas acting as lab assistant to formulator Catherine, who by chance went to the same school as his fragrancer, Virginie. So, formulating is fun – they laugh a lot. That feels quite important actually – to know that this is an ageless collection made by life-long friends who do the work but also frequently find themselves laughing together.

SheWolf Hair Care

There’s also a Hydrating Collection using Inca Oil (already a Marie Claire Beauty Award winner) for anyone with hair that tends to be dry. The fragrance there is Fig and Tuberose – equally tantalizing but I know I’ve found the right range for me in Colour Protect. I need to give an honourable mention to the Apricot Butter Pre-Shampoo Hydrating Mask which is absolutely perfect for hair that either doesn’t need a full on hydration shampoo and conditioner but could do with just a little more smoothing and bounce now and again, or hair that really needs an extra-extra infusion of hydration, in which case you’d use it with the Hydrating Collection. I was never really a believer in pre-shampoo masks but I’m fully on board with the concept these days as an extra layer of care that’s pretty similar in benefit as a nourishing face mask is to skin. Everything at SheWolf is made without artificial colour, sulphates or parabens.

Above, you can see Catherine, Virginie and Mariano in the lab – they’re a passionate team (and look, they’re our age!) who have worked meticulously to elevate the washing and conditioning experience. A happy hair wash is a rare thing – it’s really such a chore most of the time but knowing more of the background of this collection that was three years in the making (93 formulas until they found ‘the one’ and 30 fragrance combinations before the SheWolf noses were happy) brings it to life. Indie hair brands don’t have it easy against the big guns but I have a feeling that SheWolf will rise and rise with honesty, simplicity and sincerity at its heart. There are new products on the horizon – a silver hair line, a UV protector and I’ve put in a request for a fragranced hair mist (please) so let’s wait and see! SheWolf is available at FeelUnique HERE and at SheWolf HERE with prices starting at £18.50. It’s also at Michaeljohn salons HERE.

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