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Playtex Perfect Silhouette

I had a terrible experience with shapewear once – I won’t name names but the end result was at an awards ceremony I overheated so much that I had to run outside and pull down the pants before I fainted! Not even joking. I felt as though my kidneys had boiled. To be honest, it put me off so much that other than one barely supportive pair of knickers I’ve never revisited that genre of underwear until now.

Playtex Perfect Silhouette

Even though I know I’m coming from a low benchmark, this Playtex Perfect Silhouette set couldn’t be further from that awful downstairs inferno night. In a bra size, I’m a 34D and in knickers I’m a 12. I actually couldn’t believe, given the frustrating vagaries of bra sizes that this 34D is a perfect fit – absolutely perfect. I never thought I’d post a bra picture, but it’s testament to the product that I have.


The pants give a flattening, firming effect without strangling your innards. In day to day life, I’m not at all bothered about flattening or tucking, but we’ve all got that one dress, right? I’d wear the bra every day – I love, love that the style has the tulle panel at the top so that it looks cool if your shirt is open a fraction too much but there’s no danger of a nipple flash! It’s a very ‘me’ bra. The pants are more – for me – an occasion wear when either a form-fitting dress or trousers need to look that bit more sharp and uniform. Or if I know there’s a good buffet ahead 😉

Playtex Perfect Silhouette

Playtex was founded in 1932 so they’re absolute experts in lingerie and corsetry know-how and maybe more importantly the shapes and sizes of women across the globe. We’re all so different (hence the miracle of the perfect bra fit without even trying it on first) and shapewear is obviously a choice that’s personal. We are a very long way indeed from the days of the whalebone corset and instead in realm of extra comfort and non-restrictive form smoothing – should you choose. Speaking of choice, the Perfect Silhouette range comes in two shades – black or white and in wired or non-wired. Briefs are in four styles, depending upon what you’ll be wearing or what your preference is. The bra is a very reasonable £22 and the briefs are from £13 HERE. 

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