In many ways, the past few weeks have been ideal for product testing. I’ve worn so little make-up (other than for IGTV) that I’ve got used to seeing my skin as it naturally is most of the time – every little mark and line. And that’s fine – but also the perfect test bed for a product that claims brightening at the top of its list.

I’m currently on week 7 of Murad Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum. Because of the claims, I expected to see some brightening – how weird would it be to see nothing at all? But before I explain how it works (and it does – very well) I need to flag up the side benefit of hydration. I haven’t had to use a supplementary moisturiser at all and leaving aside the reduced levels of pollution which must have some effect on balance and clarity, it’s quite extraordinary that my skin care regime has been pared back to one do-it-all product for the time being.

In testing, Murad discovered that 83% of testers found that they had brighter, more radiant skin after 4 weeks. There are very few products that make visible change to skin very quickly, so for deeper results, it’s a question of patience and sticking with the program. Really, Vita-C is targeting hyperpigmentation (which I have plenty of) and skin dullness and the combination of both effects truly does lead to noticeable differences.

I like glycolic – it’s a very effective acid that whips off dead skin cells and does two important things in this instance. Firstly, without duller cells to keep it subdued, your complexion just glows. A constant but gentle resurfacing action makes way for the luminosity just sitting beneath the surface. Secondly, with those cells out of the way, the Vitamin C element of this serum can work more effectively by penetrating quickly and easily.

It really doesn’t matter what your skin type is – this works just as well on oil prone skin as on dry skin. If you do need to use a moisturiser as well, you can use what you already have or look at the Essential-C Night Moisturiser.

The reason that this serum works so well is the pure Gold-stabilised L-Ascorbic Acid with enhanced potency (55% more antioxidant defence than traditional Vitamin C) and Tertahexyldecyl (for everyone’s comfort, going forward to be known as THD!) which is a Vitamin C derivative that skin is able to use really well. Combined with the THD and L-Ascorbic Acid is Glutathione – a powerful antioxidant that has excellent absorption as well as defending against UV rays (it’s not a sunscreen). At this point, edging out of week 8, I can see that my pigmentation is lessened somewhat – Vitamin C inhibits the production of melanin so I’m not surprised that it has made in-roads.

If your skin follows mine on the same journey, you’ll feel a big difference in texture after the first week or so – suddenly your complexion will feel softer and more smooth. Then you’ll start to notice the way the light hits your skin – there’s a glow on the cheekbones that wasn’t there before when you catch yourself in the mirror and gradually, you realise that it’s there all the time. You don’t need a lot at once – a little goes a long way – so you can easily take it down to your neck and chest if you wish without burning through the bottle in super quick time.

I use mine both morning while I’m not wearing foundation and evening, although now that my tone has warmed and I’m glowy, I’m not really seeing any need for base just now at all and I’m not wearing any base in the pictures (taken in my sunny bathroom by my daughter). I’ve found it’s helpful to have a morning cleanse after wearing overnight before reapplying but otherwise it’s the most low maintenance I’ve been for a long time. With cleansing in mind, MURAD is giving BBB readers, using the code JANEVITAC, a free Essential-C Cleanser worth £32 with any purchase of the serum, which is £72 HERE. I’m so pleased with the results and would recommend in a heart-beat. The offer ends midnight on 31st May.

*Post in collaboration with MURAD Skincare.

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