Boots No.7 Lift & Luminate #AD

If you remember, almost a month ago, I gave the revamped Boots No.7 Lift & Luminate collection to my friend Wendy to try (The collection includes a UV Day Cream (£24.95), a Night Cream (£24.95), Serum (£27) and an Eye Cream (£17)). I didn’t want to be the one trying it because I have a lot of skincare to post about and couldn’t guarantee to solely stick to one regime for an entire month. However, Wendy was definitely up for the challenge. I see her every week so I’ve been able to physically see the results, but it’s not what I think that counts, it’s what she thinks. Interviewing your friends about their skincare routine is weird, let me tell you! But here we go (by the way, I should say that I didn’t set her up for any expectations – just asked her to trial it and left it at that):

Did you regularly use an eye cream before Boots No.7 Lift & Luminate? “No, I went through phases of trying it and giving up but the skin around my eyes definitely feels better for using it regularly.”

Did you regularly use a serum? “Again, no, I dabbled a bit but this time it feels as though the moisture reaches deeper and the effects feel longer lasting than just a moisturiser alone.”

Did you feel a difference in your skin’s texture? “Yes – much smoother feeling and softer.”

And could you see a difference in your skin’s appearance? “Yes, it looks softer and fresher. I think it feels slightly tighter and it’s definitely much brighter. People keep telling me I look well!”

Did you get enough hydration from the creams for your skin type? “Mainly, yes, but occasionally at night I felt I needed to add more particularly after cold weather. I’d love to see a more intense hydration version for ‘dry’ days or on holiday after swimming or sunbathing.”

Would you buy it yourself? “I would – in fact, I’ve already bought the foundation!”

Boots No.7 Lift & Luminate #AD

Boots No. 7 Lift & Luminate is for 45+ skin – Wendy is a few years older than me so she is in the correct group for its purpose. I feel she’s had a good result from this test. I can definitely see more brightness and softness. I can’t see firmness but I think that’s such a difficult thing to spot on someone else. Wendy’s point about a more intensely hydrating version might be something that a beauty booster could help with – get on to that one, Boots! I’m really surprised that she went out and bought the foundation on the basis of being very pleased with the skin care – that speaks for itself.

I also asked Wendy whether she thought she needed all four products or if there was something she could do without. I’m quite an advocate of mixing and matching as you like, but she felt that using all of the products together had really made a difference and her skin changes happened in conjunction with each other which is something you won’t necessarily get if you mix up. So, in this instance, they’re definitely better together!

I’m surprised and not surprised if you see what I mean – Wendy isn’t religious about skin care and she hasn’t used a specific ‘regime’ if you like, before. Her skin care has been more piecemeal, so I think it’s something of a revelation to see what a co-ordinated regime can do. But, as previously mentioned in my past post, this line-up comes with credentials, so in that respect, I expected it to perform. I didn’t expect that she’d be so invested in everything working alongside each other and that there was nothing she’d want to drop. Plus – on the basis of testing, buying the same brand foundation.

Bearing in mind how happy Wendy feels with her skin, and that I’ve been able to see week by week the improvements with my own eyes, I’d definitely recommend for 40+ skin. But, Boots.. make a booster!

The range is currently on a 3 for 2 offer HERE.



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