I’ve now used the ZIIP HALO for three weeks – daily, but for two days when I was away – if you want to see Part 1 which explains how the nano and micro current device works, it’s HERE.


Having thought I wouldn’t bother with the app, it turns out I love it and actually enjoyed doing my routines along with founder Melanie Simon. The ZIIP HALO device synchs to whatever treatment you want to try and you just mirror what Melanie is doing. It’s useful for placement – knowing where the HALO is supposed to be on the structure of your face – but it somehow also makes the time go quicker. I think I’ve taken myself through every available option from the 10 Minute Founder’s Favourite to the Two Minute Contour. For the photos, I’ve chosen the Six Minute Instant Gratification treatment.


Above, the pictures are before, during and after. In use, you need to have the conducting gel (one is included, but I’d recommend you pick up another because I was surprised how quickly I got through it) on whatever part of the face you are treating through strokes across the skin with the device. The ZIIP HALO gives a little buzz when your stroke is finished so you know to begin again or move to another area and a clear beep when the time is up and you move to the other side or have completed the treatment. This is what is so clever about the synching – the device knows when you need to stop or move on so you really don’t have to do any thinking on this one!

ZIIP Halo Review

In terms of how it feels – if you have missed a bit of skin with the conductive gel it’s spicy! Make sure that you cover everywhere you need to  – it doesn’t need to be thickly applied so don’t be over-generous. You’ll definitely feel what I can describe as a buzz on your skin. It’s not painful but it’s a feeling of presence and the degree will vary depending upon what treatment you have tapped into on the app.


When it comes to results, there is a sculpting effect, especially round the cheek bone area – your skin will look noticeably toned rather than ‘lifted’ per se, which I find impressive. I’ve trialled other devices that claim to do similar and they haven’t had nearly the same effect. Like any device, your commitment to it is what will make the difference. I found the ZIIP HALO to be extremely easy to use, the hand feel is great and I loved the fact that you can do a two minute to a ten minute treatment depending upon your mood. When it comes to an increase of collagen and elastin, it’s hard to tell from such a short time with the device but I can say that my skin is plumper and more glowy after I’ve done a ZIIP HALO session than before.


For context, if you are finding me via Google, I’m 58, with normal to dry skin. There’s no make up used in any pictures bar a little bit of lip gloss and self-tan. Bizarrely, my skin loves the conductive gel – I just got the basic one that was sent to me by Current Body but actually, there are separate conductive gels with a skin care element that I rubbished in my head but now think that they might not be such a bad idea. The ZIIP HALO allows you to really work it into your skin, so in this instance, it’s something to consider.  All in all, if you like to pay attention to your skin, think you can commit to regular use or even just want something to pep your complexion up now and again, it’s a great little device with a lot to commend it. The ZIIP HALO is £349 HERE. You can use code JANEZIIP for 15% off the ZIIP HALO and any gels on CurrentBody and ZIIP.COM until 3oth September. Thereafter, you’ll receive 10% off.


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