January was such a good time to test out new skin care – as I was trudging across the heath with my dog (still am!), Honey, being blasted by icy winds and often a splash of cold rain, my skin was at its most needy. Central heating also adds to the dryness although I think I have enough natural oils in my skin that it’s not usually a big concern. However, when it’s everything at once, strong measures are needed to keep a moisture balanced state.

QMS Medicosmetics has been in my peripheral vision in beauty world for a long time but it’s only now that I’ve had the chance to do a deeper dive with this brand and I trialled it exclusively for three weeks during January using the set shown – and I’m still using it now (interspersed with other product testing). The Classic Collagen set containing Day Collagen, Night Collagen and Exfoliant Fluid.

I think I can already hear savvy BBB readers saying that collagen can’t be absorbed by skin because the molecules are too big and that’s absolutely correct – it’s not possible for any topical collagen to somehow miraculously absorb itself into our own natural collagen. However, what’s not so readily known about topical collagen is that it’s an excellent moisturiser – above excellent actually. QMS Medicosmetics uses atelocollagen – a soluble, short chained collagen,  as a skin conditioner and moisturiser that plumps and hydrates the complexion extremely well. Once you’ve got moisture binding agents working effectively (and the brand uses hyaluronic acid as well in the collagen fluids) everything looks and feels better. In this case, small molecular size HA stays on the surface of the complexion with the collagen while low and very low molecular weight HA, along with Matrixyl 3000 penetrate the skin.

It’s so easy to say that but if you could feel my skin right now then you’d immediately understand that it seems like an understatement. It’s very soft, very smooth (more on the exfoliator to follow), my make-up sits perfectly and friends are commenting that I look ‘well’ – a sure sign that things are good because they usually say I look tired!

QMS Medicosmetics was founded by Dr Eric Schulte back in 1987. As with many brands, a lot of the technologies used across the range have their roots in medical treatment for both cosmetic and trauma treatments. The Collagen products are formulated to be fast permeating so that the atelocollagen, small, low and very low weights of hyaluronic, plus Matrixyl 3000 all get to work fast to protect and plump your skin. I have always been keener on enzymatic exfoliants than physical because I personally feel they’re less traumatic to the skin, so incorporating the Exfoliant Fluid into this skin routine along with day and night collagen couldn’t have been easier. You need such tiny amounts that this set will keep you going for months. It’s a comfortable recommend from me.

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